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Montgomery Field


  • Parking
    • Overnight transient parking: $5/night for aircraft 10,000 lbs. MTOW or less, or $1 per 1,000 lbs. for aircraft over 10,000 lbs. MTOW. For example, a Cessna 172 = $5/night. A King Air 200 = $13/night.
    • Overnight vehicle parking: $3/night for small vehicles. $10/night for large vehicles. $20/night for tractor trailers.
  • Landing Fees apply to all aircraft on a Part 135 certificate, regardless of how an individual flight is operated. $10 for aircraft 10,000 lbs. MTOW or less, or $1 per 1,000 lbs. for aircraft over 10,000 lbs. MTOW. For example, a Cessna 421 = $10/landing. A Citation Excel = $20/landing.
  • Short Term Operating Permit: $200
  • Monthly Tiedown Fees: Single-engine 40' x 35', T-shape or open space (1050 sq.ft. or less) = $115.50 / month
  • Spaces exceeding 1050 sq. ft. = $0.11 per sq. ft.
  • Conference Room Rental: Contact Airport Operations
  • A $10 administrative fee is added to all invoices
  • Call the FBOs for fuel prices, ramp fees, hangars, etc.


On May 20, 1950, the City of San Diego named Montgomery Field in honor of John J. Montgomery, who is credited with making the first controlled flight in a fixed wing aircraft. Montgomery's first glider flight took place in the Otay Mesa area of San Diego in 1883.

The City of San Diego purchased the airport from William (Bill) Gibbs in 1947. The airport, originally known as Gibbs Field, opened in 1937 with a single runway. In 1940, Bill Gibbs leased the airport to Ryan School of Aeronautics to train Army Air Corps cadets to fly.

Today, Montgomery Field is a busy general aviation airport. General aviation encompasses all aviation except air carrier and military. The types of general aviation aircraft that operate at Montgomery Field include private, corporate, charter, air ambulance, law enforcement, fire rescue, flight training and cargo.

The FAA has classified Montgomery Field as a reliever airport for San Diego International, Lindbergh Field. A reliever airport is an airport that serves general aviation aircraft that might otherwise use a congested air carrier airport. Airline passengers benefit by experiencing fewer delays due to air traffic congestion.

Airfield Information

Runway 10L/28R: 4577 x 150 ft, asphalt, MIRL, VASI, MALSR (28R), precision markings (28R), 1176 ft displaced threshold (28R)

Runway 10R/28L: 3401 x 60 ft, asphalt, REIL (28L), basic markings

Runway 5/23: 3400 x 150 ft, asphalt, basic markings, 390 ft displaced threshold (5)

Airport Elevation: 427 ft MSL

Tower: 119.2 MHz (Pri) or 125.7 MHz (Sec) (Manned 0600 - 2100L Daily)
Ground: 118.22 MHz
Clearance Delivery: 123.725 MHz
ATIS: 126.9 MHz
Approach (SOCAL): 124.35 MHz
Departure (SOCAL): 119.6 MHz
CTAF: 119.2 MHz (2100 - 0600 L)
Pilot Controlled Lighting (MALSR/VASI): 119.2 MHz
UNICOM: 122.95 MHz
ASOS: (858) 576-4337
ATIS: (858) 277-3075

Instrument Approaches: ILS OR LOC RWY 28R (111.7), RNAV (GPS) RWY 28R

Right Traffic Runways 28R and 10R

TPA Runway 10L-28R: 1227 MSL (800 AGL) single engine, 2027 MSL (1600 AGL) multiengine/turbine

TPA Runways 10R-28L and 5-23: 1427 MSL (1000 AGL) single engine, 2027 MSL (1600 AGL) multi engine/turbine

MISSION BAY VORTAC (117.8) 4.8 nm WSW of airfield

Airspace: Class D (0600 - 2100L), otherwise Class G


  • Fuel (Jet and Avgas)
  • Aircraft and vehicle parking
  • Tiedowns
  • Hangars
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Flight training
  • Aircraft rental
  • Aircraft sales
  • Aircraft charter
  • Car rental
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel
  • Pilot Supplies

Airport Businesses

Advanced Aircraft Service (858) 560-7599
Cessna Service Center and aircraft maintenance

Armed Forces Aero Club (858) 874-2322
Flying club

ATP Flight School (800) 255-2877
Flight school

Aviation Unlimited (800) 318-8001
Aircraft sales

Coast Flight Training and Management (858) 279-4359
Flight training and aircraft management services

Casa Machado (858) 292-4716
Mexican food restaurant

Corporate Helicopters of San Diego (858) 505-5650
Helicopter tours, sales, filming and construction projects

Coast Aircraft (858) 278-3878
Aircraft hangars and maintenance

Crownair Aviation (858) 277-1453
Fixed Base Operator and aircraft maintenance

Four Points by Sheraton (858) 277-8888

Gibbs Flying Service (858) 277-0310
Fixed Base Operator and aircraft maintenance

Golden Wings (619) 569-1906
Flying club

Learn to Fly San Diego (858) 694-0198
Flight school

Marv Golden (858) 569-5220 or (800) 348-0014
Pilot supplies

National Air College (858) 279-4595
Fixed Base Operator and flight school

Plus One Flyers
Flying club

San Diego Air Tours (888) 236-7260
Biplane Rides

San Diego Flight Training International (858) 569-1822
Flight school

San Diego Fire-Rescue Air Operations

San Diego Police Air Support Unit

Sorbi Aviation Service (858) 874-2374
Aircraft maintenance

Spiders Aircraft Service (858) 277-0312
Aircraft maintenance and hangars

3750 John J. Montgomery Drive
San Diego, CA 92123
Airport Operations 858-573-1440
Airport Noise Abatement 858-573-1436

For other questions or concerns, see the Frequently Asked Questions or call 858-573-1440.