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Living Lenses
Po Shu Wang and Louise Bertelsen
Mixed Media

1433 Island Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101
Latitude 32.709934°, Longitude 117.151591°

Fault Whisper Spheres

Photo Credit: Cindy Guido

This remote eavesdropping function is part of the interactive public art installation titled Fault Whisper located at Fault Line Park. A shallow fault rupture of the Rose Canyon Fault System runs diagonally across the park, and is marked by two stainless steel spheres standing on opposite sides of the fault. The west sphere is equipped with a viewfinder, through which visitors can see the east sphere being exactly at the center of view at the time of installation in 2015. Any future fault movement will create an offset along the sightline, and will be noticeable to viewers. An accelerometer installed below the spheres deep into the fault rupture monitors the Earth's movements in real time. Its movement direction and amplitude data stream is processed into musical notes that are gently broadcast from the west sphere viewfinder. Anyone from around the world can click the sound icon above to eavesdrop on the Earth, at the rupture; thereby creating a remote intimacy that connects the local fault line with the global tectonic reality.

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