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Reports & Documents

The Office of the City Auditor conducts performance audits of City departments, offices, and agencies in accordance with government auditing standards. Some audit reports recommend ways to reduce costs or increase revenues, while other reports identify opportunities to increase effectiveness, use resources more efficiently, and improve internal controls.

The Office of the City Auditor also performs fraud investigations using procedures recommended by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Our investigations of Fraud Hotline complaints have identified waste and abuse of City resources and provide recommendations to correct and further prevent such occurrences.

We make recommendations for all of the issues that are identified in our audit and investigative reports so that the City Administration can mitigate those problems. Furthermore, we provide the Audit Committee with updates on the status of all open recommendations twice a year in our Recommendation Follow-up Report.

The reports issued by the Office of the City Auditor are a critical component in the process of evaluating the performance of City programs. These reports provide the City Council and City Administration with information necessary to make changes so that City programs are as efficient and effective as possible.

External Quality Control Review of the Office of the City Auditor (Peer Review)

The objective of a peer review is to determine whether an audit organization's internal quality control system is in place and operating effectively to provide reasonable assurance of compliance with Government Auditing Standards.