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Doing CIP Business with the City of San Diego

The City of San Diego works on hundreds of CIP projects throughout the year. These projects cover a wide variety of infrastructure needs serving the residents of San Diego. You can also:

The table below consists of business tutorial modules.

Class Module 1: General Information
111 Working for the City
112 Construction Contract Types
113 Business Opportunities Center
114 Contractor General Information
115 Equal Benefits Program
Class Module 2: Public Works Contracting
211 CIP Overview
Class Module 3: Equal Opportunity Contracting Program
311 Program Description
312 Good Faith Effort Requirements
313 Prevailing Wage and Apprenticeship Requirements
314 EOCP Forms
Class Module 4: Small Local Business Enterprise Program (SLBE)
411 Small Local Business Enterprise Program (SLBE)
Class Module 5: Consultant Services
511 Consultant Forms and Publications
512 Consultant Rotation List
Class Module 6: Bid and Award
611 Contractor's Pre-qualification Application
CLASS 611.wmv
612 Vendor Registration
613 City's Standard Requirements
CLASS 613.wmv
614 Bid Documents
615 Online Bidding and Advertised CIP Projects (San Diego CityBids)
616 Subcontracting Participation Percentages
617 Advertised Construction Projects
618 Restricted Competition for SLBE's
619 Small Local Business Enterprise Program
620 Bonds & Insurance Requirements
621 City's Standard Specifications & Drawings
622 Pre-Bid Meeting
624 Joint Venture Contractors:
CLASS 624.wmv
625 Bidding Questions and Addenda
  • The "WHITEBOOK" 2012 Edition
  • Construction Contracts Guide
627 Bidders' Guarantee of Good Faith (Bid Bond)
628 San Diego Business Tax Certificate
629 Receipt and Opening of Bids
630 Award Process
Class Module 7: Construction
711 Post-Award Reporting Requirements
712 Construction Testing & Inspection
713 Performance Following the Award
Class Module 8: Resources
811 Construction Management Academy
812 Engineering Documents and References
813 City Engineers’ Technical Bulletins