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San Diego Youth Commission


To identify critical issues affecting youth in the City of San Diego and provide advice and recommendations to the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and other City officials on issues affecting youth in the City of San Diego. The Commission is to meet no less than four (4) times per year. To form subcommittees of less than a majority of its members as deemed necessary to allow for in-depth review of issues of interest to the Commission. Make available to the City Manager its findings and recommendations and present periodic reports to the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee of the City Council.


The members shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council. The Mayor shall appoint (2) members from the nominees provided by each member of the City Council and two (2) additional members chosen by the Mayor.


Two (2) year terms, and each shall serve until a successor is duly appointed and confirmed. No member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms. The expiration date of all terms shall be July 1.


Twenty (20) members. Members of the Commission shall be residents of the City of San Diego between the ages of fourteen (14) and twenty-two (22). If any member of the Commission reaches the age of 23 while serving on the Commission, the appointment of that member shall expire the following July 1. The Mayor shall designate a Chair and a Vice Chair from among the members of the Commission

Governed By

Amended San Diego Municipal Code Chapter 2, Article 6, Division 16,(PDF) Ordinance 0-20259(PDF) on 5/24/2013;San Diego Municipal Code Chapter II, Article 6, Division 16, Sections 26.1601 through 26.1605. Added by Ordinance 0-19053 on 4/29/02.

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