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Records Management

The City Clerk has had a role in Records Management for over 100 years. The 1889 City Charter (PDF: 5.5Mb) specified that the keeping of all books, papers, records and other documents belonging to the city was the duty of the City Clerk. The 1931 City Charter (PDF: 3.9Mb) designates the City Clerk as the custodian of official records of the City. Under this authority, the City Clerk's Office first initiated a Records Management Program in 1959. The current Records Management Program was initiated on April 1, 1980 with the adoption of Ordinance O-15761 (PDF) was adopted which added sections 22.26012 through 22.2607 to the Municipal Code. This ordinance legally prescribed Records Management procedures including the requirement for a Records Disposition Schedule for each City department.

The Records Management Program, which has been a model nation-wide, monitors the disposition of all City records from origin and use through storage, archival retention, to final disposition. As part of this section, a City Clerk's Archives was created in 1988 to protect and preserve archival City documents and aid in the retrieval of information. Over the years, our program has continued to grow and now includes the following: