As of March 14, 2016, this website is available for historical reference only and will no longer be maintained.

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Web Policies, Standards & Guidelines

Web Development Guide

The purpose of this document is to assist City departments in planning and developing successful City web pages and web services.

Design Specifications

This document will provide you with the basic guidelines for the layout and visual representation of the City's websites.

Usability & Technical Standards

This document is provided to assist developers and designers in creating, updating and reviewing web pages, forms and web applications in accordance with the established requirements and guidelines for publishing content on the City's public and employee web sites.

Linking Policy

The purpose of linking is to enhance the City's web content, and the viewer's experience and to promote the City web site objectives.

Sponsorship Guidelines

The purpose for web site sponsorship guidelines is to provide direction for sponsorship recognition on the City's Web site and to ensure that sponsorship displays promote the economy, tourism and welfare of the City.

Multimedia Policy & Procedures

This document provides a process and guidelines for City organizations who wish to augment and improve their web presence by the creation and placement of multimedia.