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Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Issues

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How do I obtain a copy of a Traffic Collision Report

There are three ways to obtain a copy of a traffic collision report:

1. If you would like to obtain your traffic collision report online please click on the link:

Lexis Nexis eCrash Logo



A convenience fee of $10.00 per report will be assessed to retrieve and print your traffic collision report. This is available seven (7) days/24 hours through LexisNexis eCrash.

2. U.S. Mail Request

  • Mail request to SDPD Records MS#726
    P.O. Box 121431, San Diego, California, 92112-1431
    Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope, accompanied by a check or money order for the $12.00 processing fee per report, payable to the City Treasurer.

3. In Person

  • SDPD Records Division
    1401 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92112
    Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ( First-come, first-served basis for a $12.00 processing fee per report)
  • Please bring in the exact payment amount

4. Request by e-mail:

Send e-mail requests to


  • Before attempting to obtain a copy of a traffic collision report, please allow 5 to 10 business days from the date of the accident so the report can be submitted, processed and approved for release by The San Diego Police Department.

What should I do if I'm involved in an accident?

The San Diego Police Department responds only to injury and hit-and-run accidents. If it is a minor hit-and-run, you may be directed to the nearest police substation to complete a report. If it is a property damage accident, you should exchange information with the other driver. Information should include: name, address, insurance information, driver's license number, date of birth, phone number, owner of the vehicle, owner's address, vehicle year, vehicle make and model, vehicle license number and state. Also note the date, time and location of the accident. Notify your insurance company of the accident.

How can I report a vehicle left on the street for a long period of time?

Call the San Diego Police Department non-emergency number at 619-531-2000 and ask that the vehicle be marked for 72 hours. Once marked, if the vehicle is in the same place after 72 hours, it will be towed.

What is the public phone number for San Diego Traffic Municipal court?

The public phone number for the San Diego Traffic Municipal Court is 858-634-1800.

How can I report a traffic related problem in my neighborhood?

You can report traffic related problems in your neighborhood using the on-line Citizen Request Form. The form asks for information about the location and nature of the problem when it occurs, and whether you'd like to be contacted directly. Once submitted, the request will be forwarded to Traffic Division for follow up.

How do I get a fix-it ticket signed off?

Go to any SDPD area station or community storefront. The officer on duty or a volunteer will confirm that you have repaired your vehicle and sign off the ticket.

If you have additional questions about San Diego Police Department Recruiting, see the Frequently Asked Questions, call 619-531-COPS (2677) or email

If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

To access 9-1-1 from a cell phone or outside San Diego, dial 619-531-2065.

For 24-hour non-emergencies, dial 619-531-2000 or 858-484-3154.