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2013 News Archive

11/14/13 FY2015-FY2019 Five Year Financial Outlook (PDF)
10/29/13 Scott Chadwick Confirmed as San Diego's New Chief Operating Officer (PDF)
10/24/13 $120 Million of Infrastructure Projects Proposed for Bond (PDF)
9/27/13 $200 Million Bike Plan Approved (PDF)
9/10/13 Prevailing Wage Ordinance Approved for San Diego (PDF)
9/6/13 Interim Mayor Gloria Reaffirms Support for Convention Center Expansion (PDF)
8/6/13 Mayor Bob Filner Responds to Rural Metro's Filing for Bankruptcy on Sunday, August 4, 2013. (PDF)
7/30/13 Mayor Bob Filner's Proposal for Prevailing Wage Wins Council Approval!!! (PDF)
7/22/13 Mayor Bob Filner - Statement - Lawsuit filed (PDF)
7/18/13 Mayor Bob Filner Welcomes Comic-Con to San Diego and backs Convention Center Expansion! (PDF)
7/18/13 Forward with City Business (PDF)
7/11/13 Mayor Bob Filner Apologizes to the City of San Diego (PDF)
7/5/13 Mayor Filner Acts to Protect North Park Community (PDF)
7/2/13 Mayor Filner Will Save City Taxpayers Almost $5 Million in New Office Lease! (PDF)
6/27/13 Mayor Announces La Jolla Clean-Up Success!! (PDF)
6/19/13 Mayor Bob Filner and First Lady Bronwyn Ingram Lead Local Students Through First Civil Activism Experience to Help the Homeless! (PDF)
6/11/13 Mayor Bob Filner Hires Nationally-Renowned Planner Bill Fulton to Head the New Department of Planning and Neighborhood Restoration! (PDF)
6/10/13 City Council Adopts Mayor's Framework for Financial Success in the Year Ahead!!! (PDF)
5/31/13 Mayor Bob Filner Chosen to Lead the U.S./Mexico Border Mayor's Association! (PDF)
5/30/13 Mayor Bob Filner Calls on the Tourism Marketing District to Stop Playing Political Games!!! (PDF)
5/29/13 Mayor Bob Filner to Hold Summit and Business Roundtable for Summer Youth Jobs! (PDF)
5/28/13 Mayor Bob Filner, Six Labor Organizations and the San Diego City Council come to Agreement on Five-Year Labor Pact!!! (PDF)
5/28/13 Mayor Bob Filner Directs Crews to Begin Bird Poop Clean-Up Effort Today (PDF)
5/24/13 Mayor Filner Announces La Jolla Odor Solution (PDF)
5/22/13 Emergency Findings under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 (PDF)
5/23/13 Mayor Bob Filner Talks About the Future of Cross-Border Relations on Huff Post Live Web Cam Interview (PDF)
5/22/13 Mayor Bob Filner Announces $17 Million Federal Government Grant to Enhance Public Safety! (PDF)
5/21/13 Mayor Bob Filner Releases May Revisions to His Fiscal Year 2014 Budget (PDF)
5/20/13 Mayor Bob Filner Reaches New Heights With World's Tallest Man!! (PDF)
5/16/13 Mayor Bob Filner Veni. Vidi. Bici. I Came. I Saw. I Bicycled!! (PDF)
5/16/13 Mayor Filner Appoints Executive Director of Commission for Arts and Culture after National Search! (PDF)
5/13/13 Mayor Bob Filner Calls on San Diegans to Share Pictures of San Diego's Vietnam War Fallen (PDF)
5/10/13 Mayor Filner Applauds Selection of Balboa Park as One of the Top Ten Urban Oases in the Country! (PDF)
5/6/13 Mayor Filner Will Save City Taxpayers More Than $3 Million Annually in New Office Lease!! (PDF)
4/24/13 Mayor Filner Hires Former County Chief Executive Walt Ekard To Consult On Organizational Effectiveness (PDF)
4/24/13 Mayor Bob Filner to Present Plaza De Panama Parking Solution!! (PDF)
4/10/13 Mayor Filner Appoints Jason Hughes Special Assistant for Real Estate Services (PDF)
4/9/13 Mayor Bob Filner Helps Wounded Veteran Secure Handcycle (PDF)
4/3/13 Mayor Filner Congratulates Open Government Advocate Donna Frye on Her New Post at Statewide Open Government Non-Profit (PDF)
3/28/13 Statement regarding the Tourism Marketing District Agreement (PDF)
3/22/13 Judge Rules in Favor of Mayor Filner: Mayor Does Not Have to Sign Contract! (PDF)
3/18/13 Mayor Bob Filner Encourages Dialogue Regarding Tourism Marketing District Proposal (PDF)
3/15/13 Mayor Bob Filner Announces Chicano Park Honor! (PDF)
3/12/13 The Mayor's First 100 Days as San Diego's 35th Mayor (PDF)
3/12/13 Mayor Filner's Accomplishments 100 Days in Office (PDF)
3/1/13 Mayor Bob Filner Fights for Every San Diego Padres Fan to Have Access to See Games (PDF)
2/26/13 Mayor Bob Filner Ceremoniously Opens Tijuana Office (PDF)
2/25/13 Mayor Bob Filner Announces CicloSDias! (PDF)
2/23/13 Mayor Bob Filner Applauds Volunteers for Rancho Bernardo Community Park Improvements (PDF)
2/22/13 Statement from the Mayor on the Tourism Marketing District's Decision to Sue (PDF)
2/21/13 Mayor Bob Filner Opens Tijuana Office (PDF)
2/15/13 Mayor Bob Filner Applauds "Seal Cam's" International Appeal (PDF)
2/5/13 Mayor Bob Filner: Earth Fair 2013 is Back at Historic Location (PDF)
2/5/13 Earth Fair 2013 is Back at Historic Location (PDF)
2/4/13 Statement on Court Ruling Regarding the Balboa Park Proposal by the Plaza de Panama Committee (PDF)
2/4/13 Mayor Bob Filner Advocates for an Efficient Border as part of Federal Immigration Reform (PDF)
2/4/13 Statement on Court Ruling Regarding the Balboa Park Proposal (PDF)
2/2/13 Mayor Bob Filner Opens Doors of City Hall on Saturday to San Diegans (PDF)
2/1/13 Mayor Filner Connects with Community through Saturday Hours at City Hall (PDF)
2/1/13 Mayor Filner Ends Red Light Photo Enforcement (PDF)
1/31/13 Mayor Bob Filner Unveils "Seal Cam" (PDF)
1/29/13 Joint Statement on Marijuana Dispensary Compliance with City's Zoning Laws (PDF)
1/24/13 Mayor Bob Filner: Completion of Undergrounding Project Excellent Example of Putting Neighborhoods First (PDF)
1/18/13 Mayor Returns Port Commissioner Appointments (PDF)
1/15/13 Mayor Bob Filner Delivers First State of the City Address (PDF)
1/14/13 Mayor Bob Filner Announces 2013 Appointments of Councilmembers to Various Organizations (PDF)
1/10/13 Mayor Bob Filner Halts Prosecution of Zoning Code Violations for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (PDF)
1/7/13 Mayor Bob Filner Announces Initial Staff Appointments Reflects Diversity of San Diego (PDF)