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If you require any of this information in an alternate format in order to accommodate a disability, it will be provided upon request by calling (619) 533-4000.

Memoranda and Opinions

Final Maps

Final Redistricting Plan

The Commission adopted the "Final Redistricting Plan" on August 25, 2011.

Note: The shapefile includes GIS data for the Final Redistricting Plan in the following electronic formats: .dat, .dbd, .dbf, .key, .prj, .shp, and .shx. This information is also provided in an equivalency file (TXT and PDF) for those who may not have the software needed to open the formats in the zip file.

Note on equivalency file: Census block number 060730090002000 is assigned to District 7 because most of the population lives in that district. However, the Final Plan assigns part of this block to District 2 because it is part of the University of San Diego. The parcels assigned to District 2 are: APN 4370101900, APN 4370102200, and APN 4370102100.

Preliminary Redistricting Plan

The Commission adopted the "Preliminary Redistricting Plan" on July 21, 2011.

Record of Public Comments

All comments received by email, telephone, and U.S. mail are added to the public record and distributed to the Commissioners. To submit a comment, please visit Get Involved.

Minutes of each Commission meeting and transcripts of each public hearing are available on Meetings.

Maps Submitted to the Commission

Maps submitted to the Redistricting Commission are considered part of the public record. In addition to being distributed to the Commission, maps submitted will be made available to the public upon request. If submitted in an electronic format, the maps may be uploaded to the Commission website. If you do not have the map available in an electronic format, Commission staff can scan it for uploading upon request.

Note: Posting of maps on the Redistricting Commission website does not in any way imply endorsement or support by the Redistricting Commission. Posting is provided only as a service to the public to maximize access to Redistricting Commission proceedings.

To submit a map for posting, please use the Map Submittal form (PDF).

  1. 03/10/11   Alex Chan - Northwestern Nine District Proposal (PDF)
  2. 04/20/11   Pamela Hendrickson - Proposed Map (PDF)
  3. 05/02/11   Jose Lopez - Fox Canyon Proposed Map (PDF)
  4. 05/02/11   Latino Redistricting Committee (PDF)
  5. 05/04/11   Brian Pollard - Proposed 4th District (PDF)
  6. 05/09/11   Patrick Finucane - League of Conservation Voters San Diego - Watershed Map (PDF)
  7. 05/11/11   Todd Philips - Proposed Map (PDF)
  8. 05/11/11   Coast & Canyons Plan (PDF)
  9. 05/11/11   Redwood Village Community Council (PDF)
  10. 05/12/11   Laura Riebau - Proposed Map (PDF)
  11. 06/23/11   Ryan Trabuco - Empowerment Through Equality (PDF)
  12. 05/23/11   Hillcrest Town Council (PDF)
  13. 06/07/11   LGBT Core Strength District 3 (PDF)
  14. 06/07/11   North City PUSD Redistricting Proposal (PDF)
  15. 06/08/11   Asian Pacific American Coalition (PDF)
  16. 06/09/11   The Republican Party of San Diego County (PDF)
  17. 06/24/11   Michael Morrow (PDF)
  18. 06/25/11   Commissioner Kosmo - Draft Proposed Map (PDF)
  19. 06/25/11   Mira Mesa Town Council (PDF)
  20. 06/29/11   Murtaza Baxamusa - Community In Unity (PDF)
  21. 07/05/11   Andrew Westall - Proposed Map (PDF)
  22. 07/05/11   Commissioner Potter - Test Redistricting Plan (PDF)
  23. 07/09/11   Commissioner Quiroz (PDF)
  24. 07/15/11   Brian Pollard (PDF)
  25. 07/15/11   Linda Perine (PDF)
  26. 07/18/11   San Diego County Taxpayers Association - San Diego Neighborhood Plan (PDF)
  27. 07/18/11   Tom Kaye - Linda Vista Town Council (PDF)
  28. 07/29/11   Tom Hebrank/Keep Kensington 3 - Adams Ave Reunification (PDF)
  29. 08/05/11   Commissioner Morrow - ani_88 (PDF)
  30. 08/08/11   Commissioner Quiroz - tqapi (PDF)
  31. 08/12/11   Craig Denning - PQ-API Compromise Map (PDF)
  32. 08/17/11   Jon Becker - Park Village 1 (PDF)
  33. 08/17/11   Craig Denning - PQ-Carmel Mtn Road Map (PDF)
  34. 08/17/11   Commissioner Nishioka - Park Village option for discussion and feedback (PDF)
  35. 08/17/11   Commissioner Nishioka - Park View Scripps Ranch (PDF)
  36. 08/17/11   Mike Shoecraft/North County Inland Task Force - PQ Revised Preliminary (PDF)
  37. 08/21/11   Mike Shoecraft - Keeping PQ Whole in D5 (PDF)
  38. 08/21/11   Lee Rittiner - 8_18 improved plan (PDF)
  39. 08/21/11   Mike Shoecraft - Keep PQ in D5 version 2 (PDF)
  40. 08/21/11   Lee Rittiner - 8/14 LeeRP plan (PDF)
  41. 08/24/11   Connie Terwilliger – Southern Border of Kensington in District 3 (PDF)

Monthly Communication Logs

Per Article V, Section 6 of the Commission Bylaws, a log of all substantive communications that occur outside public meetings between Commissioners and members of the public is maintained on the web site. Per Article III, Section 3 of the Commission Bylaws, a similar log for the Chief of Staff is also maintained. Questions on communication logs should be directed to the Commission office.