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Photo of Potholes Patching

Potholes - no one likes them. They seem to pop up by magic almost overnight. In reality potholes are created in a number of ways. The most common way is when water seeps into cracks in the surface of the road and, combined with the vibration of the tires over the cracks, causes the asphalt to fail. That is why there are more potholes after it rains. Potholes are also created when the roadway is stressed by trucks and buses, which can cause a movement of the subsurface. Once there is a weak spot, every car that travels over it makes the problem worse, and eventually a section of the material will fail, causing a pothole.

Street Division repairs over 30,000 potholes per year using materials ranging from hot patch compound to bagged asphalt. Street Division, part of the City's Transportation and Storm Water Department, recently implemented a regional approach for patching potholes. The regional approach allows pothole crews to focus attention to neighborhoods in a single council district. For an entire day, crews take care of potholes already reported to the City and those they find along the way from neighborhood to neighborhood in the individual district. With nine districts, pothole crews now visit each council district two times per month. Our crews do their best to spot potholes wherever they travel and will always rely on local residents to report potholes when they see them.

If you need to report a pothole please call (619) 527-7500 or use our online Service Request system.