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Waste No Water

Water Conservation

Drought Alert: Mandatory Water Use Restrictions

The City enacted its Drought Alert mandatory water use restrictions on November 1, 2014, in response to serious drought conditions statewide.

These restrictions remain in effect at this time and the City is asking residents to be sure to abide by these important rules, designed to reduce water consumption in these types of severe drought conditions.

Read all water use restrictions currently in place.

Photo of house with drought-tolerant landscape

Grass Replacement and Micro-Irrigation Rebates

Update: Funding for the City of San Diego's Grass Replacement and Micro-Irrigation rebate programs has been exhausted, and applications are no longer being accepted. We thank all of you who are participating in the rebates and for making the choice to go water-wise.

Rain Barrel Rebates

Rebates for rain barrels are still available through the City of San Diego.

Rain barrels are used to capture rainwater from hard surfaces such as rooftops. These barrels are a quick way to conserve - then use - water for irrigation purposes, as well as to help prevent pollution by reducing the amount of runoff entering our storm drain system.

To learn more about this program, visit the Rebate Programs page.

Water Conservation Library

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Do It Yourself Planning for the Future
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Resources & Tools
Graywater Systems Water Use Restrictions
Leading By Example Water Use Enforcement
Outdoor Irrigation

Residential and Commercial Water Surveys Available At No Cost

Cover of Residential Water Survey Program flyer

Leaks and over-irrigation can cause significant waste. The City of San Diego offers Water Conservation services, including its Residential Water Survey, Multi-Family Survey, Commercial Survey and Water-Wise Business Survey programs. These free programs are available to property owners and tenants located within the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department's service area.

Visit the Water Surveys Programs page for more details

For a survey appointment and more information, call 619-570-1999, or email

Free California-Friendly Landscape Classes

A more attractive and water-efficient yard sounds enticing, doesn't it? Need more inspiration? Then sign up for a FREE California-Friendly Landscape Class!

The San Diego Public Utilities Department is partnering with the San Diego County Water Authority and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to offer free training classes on WaterSmart landscaping. The class introduces a holistic approach to landscape design and maintenance that emphasizes water-use efficiency. This class does not discuss specific plants, but provides a solid foundation regarding landscape planning before selecting plants.

The three-hour seminars are fast-paced and informative. They offer solutions to common landscape problems. Participants will learn to think about landscapes from the soil up. In addition, they will learn how to design landscapes that are sustainable in the San Diego climate. Class topics will include how to make the best use of the region's limited rainfall, irrigate efficiently and choose the best plants for each yard.

Friday January 15th 2016
5:00pm to 8:00pm (snacks will be provided)
Scripps Ranch Community Center
10755 Scripps Poway Parkway #613 San Diego, CA 92131

REGISTRATION: Please email # of registrants, name of registrant(s), phone number, and your email address to

For further information please call (619) 533-7548.

FREE Landscape Design for Homeowners Workshop

The San Diego County Water Authority and The City of San Diego are partnering with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to offer free training classes on WaterSmart landscaping:

Transform your yard into a beautiful, water-saving landscape at this FREE 3-hour WaterSmart Landscape Design Workshop.

This class goes into more detail on landscape design and you will be taught:

  • How to convert your turf area to a water efficient landscape
  • How to select plants that will thrive in our Mediterranean climate
  • How to analyze your yard, identify soil, remove turf & irrigate efficiently
  • How to create a professional landscape, planting & irrigation designs ready for installation!
Current Class:

Saturday January 30th 2016
10:00am to 1:00pm
Montgomery-Waller Recreation Center
3020 Coronado Avenue
San Diego, CA 92154

TO REGISTER: Please email # of registrants, name of registrant(s), phone number, and your e-mail address to

For information about all of the free WaterSmart landscaping classes in the County, please visit: Water Smart California Friendly Landscape Training Class.

Visit the California-friendly Gardening Website

Report water waste by calling 619-533-5271 or email

General Water Conservation Information: 619-533-7485

For other questions or concerns, see the Frequently Asked Questions, or call 619-515-3516 or email