As of March 14, 2016, this website is available for historical reference only and will no longer be maintained.

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Contact Information

Payments by Mail

Send to:
City of San Diego Public Utilities Department
Customer Care Center
PO Box 129020
San Diego, CA 92112-9020


Customer Service Office Fax Lines: 619-533-5364 and 619-533-4133

City of San Diego Public Utilities Facebook

Phone Numbers

General Water Information 619-515-3500
Bill payment locations 619-515-3500
Bill Questions 619-515-3500
Capital Improvements Program 619-533-4207
City Lakes Fishing Line619-465-3474
City Lakes Recreation Program 619-465-3474
City's Water Conservation Program 619-515-3500
Construction/Fire Hydrant Meters 619-527-7449
Cross Connection and Backflow 858-292-6329
Drinking water questions 619-668-3232
EPA's Drinking Water Hotline(800) 426-4791
Establishing or cancelling service 619-515-3500
Group Job Hotline 619-533-4207
Recycled Water Information 619-533-7479
Report a meter leak 619-515-3525
Report a sewer spill 619-515-3525
Report a water line leak or break 619-515-3525
Storm Water Pollution Prevention619-235-1000
Speakers Bureau Program 619-533-6638
Water Conservation 619-533-7485
Water Emergency Hotline619-515-3525
Water pressure problems 619-515-3525
Water Quality Lab619-668-3232
Water pressure questions 619-527-7482
Water/sewer capacity charges 619-446-5000
Water/sewer lateral locations 619-527-7482
Water/sewer line locations 619-527-7482
Water/sewer permits 619-446-5000
Underground water/sewer markout 619-527-3477

For other questions or concerns, see the Frequently Asked Questions PDF, call 619-515-3516 or email