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How to Pay by Automatic Deduction

Automatic Payment Service makes paying your water and sewer bill easy. By enrolling in this new service, your bill will be paid automatically from your checking account after each billing period.

Automatic Payment

NO Checks to write!
NO stamp for the return payment!
NO phone call to make!
NO worrying about unpaid bills during vacations!

This convenient service can save you time and money!

HOW DOES IT WORK? You will still receive your water and sewer billing statement each billing period, just as you do now. The difference is, with Automatic Payment Service, your bill is paid automatically from your checking account 15 days after your billing statement is mailed. You simply deduct the amount from your check register and you're done. It's that easy! The 15 days give you plenty of time to review your water and sewer bill before payment is withdrawn from your checking account.

To sign up for the Automatic Deduction Service, please click on the link below to access the application. Print and complete the form and mail it (along with the requested items) to:

Public Utilities Department
Customer Care Center
P.O. Box 129020
San Diego, CA 92112-9020

Customer Care Center

If you would prefer to pay your Water/Sewer bill online, enroll now at the Customer Care Center.

For questions or concerns, call 619-515-3516 or email